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the global closet

rhymes with "bridgette"

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it's seven o clock in the mornin and the rays from the sun wake me

and so begins the epic, homeric odyssey that is robert "r" kelly's magnum hip-hopera "trapped in the closet".

this community is for that. because, yes, indeed, it is "so damn twisted".

allergic to cherries, anthropomorphism, ass on blast, assgrass, barettas, believing in pimp luscious, big man, blessed, box in a wok, bridgette, burst blood vessels, catching cramps, cathy, cherry pie, christian-like, chuck, chuck and rufus, climax, crooked ass police, crooked cops, crusty hos, cutting bitches right now, deacons, dissolving bullets, dixies, drapes, dripping faucets, dry humping, dykin, earrings out fists up, g no doubt, ghost from the dead, global closet, going on and on, gwen, gwendolyn, hiding behind a refridgerator, hiding under sinks, hot mess, immortality, james, just stop pimpin', kafka, liberation of free-verse, mary, midgets under attack, opening the closet, par'jays, par'jays club, pastor and a deacon, pastors, pears, personification, phone calls, pimp lucious, popped collars, post modern human condition, r kelly, race relations, reality, rosie the nosey neighbor, roxanne, rufus, sestinas, shower caps, sniggling, spatuli, speeding tickets, staticin, sylvester, taking off a wig, tina, transmutation, trapped in the closet, tuan, urination, using a cell phone, using one beat, wok reheating, woo woo woo