eliminate what you can't repair (_stadtkind_) wrote in chuck_and_rufus,
eliminate what you can't repair

trapped in the LIVE

from the fader blog, one of my most beloved and obsessed-over music sites:

--We'd been tossing and turning in bed for weeks now in anticipation of the show that finally hit Radio City Music Hall last night. Mr Show Biz aka the Pied Piper bka Robert Kelly and his "Light It Up" tour hit town and OH SHIT was it worth the wait. If R Kelly is coming to a town near you, find a way to get your ass in a seat.

Some highlights:

The lights go down. A brief intermission. The lights come up and a solitary closet stands center stage. The "Trapped In The Closet" video plays the first chapter, then Kells busts out, sans microphone, and pantomimes the next few chapters as the backing track and video play. When he becomes the Chuck character, the crowd goes wild.

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